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How to plan your Wedding Day

Step 1 - Wedding Folder

"Congratulations! Your Engaged!" now it is time to plan that beautiful wedding you have been dreaming about.

To get started you must treat yourself to a wedding folder or binder, this will be the holy grail for your big day, this is where all your ideas and workings out will come together.

Choose a folder or binder that has enough room for pockets and inserts for any extra information you might need, as when you come to booking or hiring any wedding suppliers this is the perfect way of keeping things in order.

Step 2 - Set a realistic Budget

It is time to be realistic about your wedding budget so get that trusty pen out and open your holy grail, it is time to work out your wedding budget.

Wether you want that 7 tier designer wedding cake or one from Marks and spencers?

everything has a cost, and you have to think about what is most important to you and your partner on your big day.

By sticking to a budget you can manage your workings out and keep a record of everything you spend.

Step 3 - Short list the Wedding guests

One of the biggest costs at a wedding is the "guest list" wether you are having a large wedding party or a small one, the guest list is one of the most important decisions you will make for your big day and will determine as to what wedding you will have.

Step 4 - Dream Venue list

Now for the best part, finding your dream venue!

Most venues supply the catering, wedding hire, and decorations etc but some venues you have to find your own suppliers, depending on what you are wanting you may want a marquee for your wedding reception for an example? This will be a blank canvas for you to put your own stamp on things, and make your wedding day the way you want it.

Make a list on possible venues that you and partner are interested in and make sure you book in the dates in your folder to view their wedding fairs. This is a good way of seeing the venue all dressed up ready for a wedding and will help you make all those important decisions.

Speak to the venue wedding co-ordinator he or she will help in you with any questions or queries you may have.

Step 5 - Set the BIG day

Once you have chosen your dream venue choose a date! most couples book their wedding venue up to two years before their set date! Bare in mind if it is a popular venue bookings get taken pretty quickly.

In most cases once you set the date for your wedding day you may have to put a deposit down to secure that particular day, this gives you peace of mind that that day is yours and yours alone.

Step 6 - Research Time

Research into your wedding can be fun! Are you having a Live band? or a DJ?, are you having to hire all your catering hire for your venue/marquee? are you having flowers? a photographer?

These are just a few things you may need to consider for what you are wanting for your day, the wonderful thing about the world we live in today we can do a lot of research on line, and most companies have their own websites!

Like the wedding venues photographers, Bands etc can get booked up quickly so its best to book these around the time you have just booked your wedding date.

Please consider the recommendations from your actual wedding venue this is a good way of knowing who is best and most loyal.

Step 7 - Event Hire Needs

Now that you have all your wedding planned out and you have met your team,

you need to identify what items and equipment you will need to hire in for your big day. This can included everything from the caterers cooking equipment, re-fridgeration, bar hire right down to crockery, glassware and linen hire. It is highly recommended to book these hire items in advance, start the ball rolling today by contacting Simply Catering Hire for a fast and easy quote that will meet your wedding day budget.


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